About Coastside Comeback

Coastside Comeback was created in April of 2020 in response to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak and the subsequent shelter-in-place measures taken to slow the spread of the disease. The site is maintained by the Half Moon Bay Downtown Association for the benefit of local businesses on the Coastside, from Montara to Pescadero, providing a central hub for gift card sales that provide much-needed revenues to business in our area.

The Impact of Shelter-in-place

The implementation of social distancing measures and the shuttering of “non-essential” businesses during the outbreak has had devastating effects on the small business community. Even those businesses deemed essential, which are still allowed to operate, are doing so under duress, with limited offerings and reduced revenue. In many cases, merchants have still had to pay for rent, insurance, inventory ordered before the shutdown, employee benefits, and other predetermined costs, even as revenues have fallen to zero. Restaraunts have had to cease dine-in service, which makes up the largest portion of their revenue. Hotels and inns are vacant as travel is restricted to only the most essential trips. In a small town like ours, that relies so much on tourism and travel, the effects of this shutdown have been immediate and far-reaching.

What You Can Do

Every small business we talk to has the same request – they need revenue, and quickly. They have what their customers want – merchandise, food, lodging, etc. – but the current environment makes it impossible to provide it in the usual manner. But there’s a solution. If you have the means, buying gift cards now can provide revenue to small businesses so they can weather this setback and continue to serve our community for years to come. The businesses you support today are the ones that will be here for you tomorrow.  They’ve been there to sponsor your kid’s sports teams, back community events, donate items to school auctions, host your family get-togethers, and wrap that last minute gift for an occasion that you almost forgot. Don’t forget them now.



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